Le Grigne
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Pesci, Eugenio <1961- >

Le Grigne

Title and contributions: Le Grigne / Eugenio Pesci

Publication: Milano : Club alpino italiano : Touring club italiano, 1998

Physical description: 564 p., 36 carte di tav. : ill., carte geogr. ; 16 cm

ISBN: 8836513662

Publication date:1998

Language: Italian (language of the text, soundtrack, etc..)

Country: Italy




Classifications: (20) (20)

General Processing Data (100)
  • Type of Publication Date: Publication Dates 1 and 2: monograph complete when issued, or issued within one calendar year
  • Publication Date: 1998

There are 82 items, 1 on loan.

Library Call Number Inventory Number Loan Status Lendability Return date
Biblioteca Nazionale B 60-H/71 1 v. NS -8992 On shelf Reference only
  • Nota relativa alla vecchia segnatura: N. INVENTARIO 1278 - COLLOCAZIONE F 20 A N. INVENTARIO 1279 - COLLOCAZIONE F 20 B
F 20 A
PR01-1278 On shelf Lendable
Parma F 20 B PR01-1279 On shelf Lendable
Cuorgnè AA 22 TO02-732 On shelf Local consultation
Varallo Sesia C-90/60 ter VC02-6644 On shelf Lendable
Varallo Sesia C-90/60 bis VC02-6643 On shelf Lendable
Varallo Sesia C-90/60 VC02-6642 On shelf Lendable
Milano SEM B3 MI01-3652 On shelf Lendable
Milano SEM B3 MI01-1970 On shelf Reference only
Bologna IA0215/23/1 BO01-303 On shelf Reference only
Mestre VE02-4250 On shelf Lendable
Marostica A GUI 023 VI02-486 On shelf Reference only
Tolmezzo GM-0055.20 UD02-678 On shelf Lendable
Albenga 5/c/35 SV02-2309 On shelf Lendable
Albenga 1/d/22 SV02-19 On shelf Reference only
Albenga Rifugio rif/a/07/* SV02-641 On shelf Reference only
Pordenone 16 a2 PN01-1423 On shelf Reference only
Carrara ITINERARI MS01-367 On shelf Reference only
Chivasso 1 B 20 TO04-154 On shelf Reference only
Firenze 5-B-6-044 FI01-2579 On shelf Lendable
Modena Pr lomb 12 MO01-1500 On shelf Unavailable
Schio "Gianni Conforto" Guide 1.coll.gui.20/a 20-3900 On shelf Lendable
Schio "Gianni Conforto" Guide 1.coll.gui.20 20-2622 On shelf Local consultation
  • Nota relativa all'esemplare: La copia con il bollino rosso (10-132) non è prestabile
MO03-1121 On shelf Lendable
Carpi 10-133 MO03-1999 On shelf Lendable
Imperia Ac 20 IM01-368 On shelf Unavailable
Bassano del Grappa GMI015 V10 VI01-1286 On shelf Reference only
Reggio Calabria GUIDA MONTI ITALIA P1 RC01- On shelf Lendable
Reggio Emilia 499 A RE01-1962 On shelf Local Loan
Reggio Emilia 25 TC RE01-1335 On shelf Local consultation
Finale Ligure 3/A/8 SV03-532 On shelf Lendable
Udine SAF GMI 20 UD01-9022 On shelf Unavailable
Verona "Cesare Battisti" 340 20 VR01-57 On shelf Reference only
Verona "Cesare Battisti" 340 20A VR01-58 On shelf Reference only
Ferrara 6/8 GD-CB 582 70133 FE01-582 On shelf Local Loan
Cesena GA 1.26 FC01-333 On shelf Lendable
Cesena GA 1.27 FC01-334 On shelf Lendable
Cesena GA 1.28 FC01-335 On shelf Lendable
Genova "Ligure" MOD-A 123 GE01-5165 On shelf Reference only
Faenza 69 On shelf Lendable
Faenza 70 On shelf Lendable
Faenza 71 On shelf Lendable
Malo A2B VI03-537 On shelf Lendable
Viterbo A 18 VT01-18 On shelf Local consultation
Sesto Fiorentino 2.a.57 (299) FI02-57 On shelf Lendable
Frosinone A 3 14 FR01-13 On shelf Lendable
Varese 05.1.20 VA01- On shelf Lendable
Besana in Brianza G 2 MB02-1074 On shelf Local consultation
Cremona G 36 111 On shelf Lendable
Carate Brianza GMI-01 MB03- On shelf Reference only
Conegliano D 3 TV02-20 On shelf Reference only
Gozzano PT-V6/C 473 On shelf Reference only
Gozzano PT-V6/C 474 On shelf Reference only
Gozzano PT-V6/C 475 On shelf Reference only
Vicenza B-VI-36 VI05-3518 On shelf Lendable
Cagliari CAI 13 GUI 01 020 CA01-1 On shelf Local Loan
  • Nota relativa all'esemplare: carta d'Italia e piano dell'opera rilegati capovolti nel risguardo
CAI 13 GUI 01 020A
CA01-37 On shelf Local Loan
Cagliari CAI 13 GUI 01 020 B CA01-43 On shelf Local Loan
Pistoia G28.1 PT01-34 On shelf Lendable
Milano Sottosezione EDELWEISS 993 MI03-993 On shelf Lendable
Inverigo A03 On shelf Lendable
Inverigo A02 On loan 19/11/2019
Valdarno Superiore 708 D III 18 AR01- On shelf Lendable
Colleferro 261 RM01-26 On shelf Local Loan
Padova A2.51 PD01-51 On shelf Reference only
Feltre 1 A 20-I° BL02-56 On shelf Reference only
Feltre 1 A 20-II° BL02-57 On shelf Reference only
Feltre 1 A 20-III° BL02-58 On shelf Reference only
Feltre 1 A 20-IV° BL02-59 On shelf Reference only
Varzo 1 A VB02-15 On shelf Reference only
Castellammare di Stabia GUI.1. 020 NA02-886 On shelf Local Loan
Sanremo D-2-37 IM02-342 On shelf Local Loan
Valenza ALP.G 105 PES 001 AL01-1173 On shelf Reference only
Valenza ALP.G 105 PES 001 AL01-1174 On shelf Reference only
Gazzada Schianno VA02-10 On shelf Local consultation
Brescia ALPINgui A 0095 BS01-2190 On shelf Lendable
Salerno A' 16 SA01-16 On shelf Local Loan
Sacile 7 A 18 PN02-531 On shelf Reference only
Piedimonte Matese GUI.5/2. 01 CE01-51 On shelf Lendable
Rieti Coll. 1-20 RI01-43 On shelf Lendable
Thiene GUIDE DI MONTAGNA GD.1.coll.30 VI04-102 On shelf Local consultation
Somma Lombardo GMI042 On shelf Lendable
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