Fuga sul Kenya
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Modern linguistic material

Benuzzi, Felice <1910-1988>

Fuga sul Kenya

Title and contributions: Fuga sul Kenya / Felice Benuzzi

2. ed.

Publication: Bologna : Tamari, 1966

Physical description: 343 p., [10] carte di tav. : ill. ; 19 cm

Series: Voci dai monti ; 6

Publication date:1966

Language: Italian (language of the text, soundtrack, etc..)

Country: Italy

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Classifications: (20)

General Processing Data (100)
  • Type of Publication Date: Publication Dates 1 and 2: monograph complete when issued, or issued within one calendar year
  • Publication Date: 1966

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Biblioteca Nazionale E.38-B/32 II-1646 On shelf Reference only
Biblioteca Nazionale E.38-B/33 II-2495 On shelf Reference only
Biblioteca Nazionale E.38-B/6 II-18236 On shelf Reference only
Parma B III 21 PR01-67 On shelf Lendable
Napoli L.Alp. 52 NA01-463 On shelf Local Loan
Varallo Sesia C-225/5 VC02-569 On shelf Lendable
Milano SEM K6 CN MI01-1774 On shelf Lendable
Bologna IIA0161 BO01-1017 On shelf Lendable
Modena N 68 MO01-73 On shelf Lendable
Carpi 01-350 MO03-2096 On shelf Lendable
UGET Torino Armadio 1 Piano F 178 TO06-178 On shelf Lendable
Udine SAF TAM.LET. UD01-11295 On shelf Lendable
Cesena NT 119.1 FC01-195 On shelf Reference only
Frosinone B 6 49 FR01-410 On shelf Lendable
Vicenza G-III-01 VI05-3144 On shelf Lendable
Vicenza G-III-11 VI05-3143 On shelf Lendable
Milano Sottosezione EDELWEISS
  • Nota di possesso e di provenienza: Lascito Gianni Rizzi
D 1
MI03-124 On shelf Lendable
Verbano-Intra 5.1.54 VB01- On shelf Local consultation
Fossano A1_a_BEN_01 CN03-64 On shelf Local Loan
L'Aquila ALP A 8 249 On shelf Lendable
Gorizia 4/C 256 GO01-256 On shelf Lendable
TRIESTE - XXX OTTOBRE A 3 dx TS01-485 On shelf Local Loan
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